Sunday, November 12, 2006

A question for everyone

So, I've got plans to start writing a lot more science fiction commentary that's been percolating in my brain for a while, which raises a question: Do you want to see that on this blog? My concern is that those who come here for the political content (both of you!) may not want to wade through a bunch of posts about British space opera to get to the libertarian writing; likewise, if I manage to attract an audience for the science fiction stuff, most of them probably won't want to read my lunatic fringe political rants.

Therefore, I'm considering starting a separate site for that stuff, with a link to itand occasional updates about it on this site, but I'd like to hear from anyone reading this before I attempt such a project.

All feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Vache Folle said...

There's only so much libertarian ranting you can do. The science fiction reviews are a nice break. I find them instructive as I have been away from the genre for quite some time

Chip said...

John -- I'm in it for the politics, only. But hey, it's your blog and you should enjoy writing anything you like. Already there's one fan of the SF stuff.

If asked, I'd recommend a balance between the two, but do what makes you happy. neither the government nor the aliens are likely to bring you happiness.

Chip said...

BTW, re the fellow who posted about the LP being attractive to the left -- not until after the exchange did it occur to me (duh) that he likely is on the left (instead of already a libertarian) and might be looking for reasons the LP party should be attractive to him.

I'd like to re-engage that discussion.