Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm going to take up snuff, just out of spite

Well, it’s come: the statewide Illinois smoking ban for bars and restaurants has gone into effect. Freedom and the right to private property are nothing compared to the power of the ever-stronger health fascists. I paid a visit to my usual bar on New Year’s Eve for one last cigar there. Henceforth, when I leave my home, I’ll be limited to doing one unhealthy thing at a time. I’ve already said what at length I think of the ban, its underlying ideology, and its proponents, so I won’t rehash that anymore in this post.

It makes me wonder what cops in Illinois charged with enforcing this are feeling. I’m sure most of them, or at least a lot of them, entered that line of work with dreams of heroism, of protecting innocent people from rapists, murderers, and the rest of society’s scum. It must be quite a downer to go from that dream to the reality of snooping around bars in the hope of catching someone lighting a cigarette.

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