Sunday, January 14, 2007

New stuff

I've got new articles at Strike the Root and The premise of the latter is rather inflammatory, but I stand by it.

Meanwhile, over at my other blog, I've got a review of Gridlinked by Neal Asher. (New and slightly improved from the old version I posted a few months back.)

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Doc said...

enjoyed your rant teaching hostility on LRC this morning. working with youth in a rural community while being blackballed by a very poor failing education community that needs all the help it can get is frustrating. Access is a problem, but attitude is a worse problem. the schools are so intense in their prosecution, that nobody who attends them is willing to give education any of the rest of their time. students think that what they learn in school is all they need to know, hence they become easy marks for people who have learned to play the system, rather than work in it. when you disagree with the politics of both sides of an issue - you had better be wearing a flak jacket for the amount of shit hitting the fan.