Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fetch me some ipecac

According to an article at, some folks at a website called HotSoup have created something called the "Ford Pledge," which goes as follows:

"In honor of Gerald Ford, his decency, and the tremendous sacrifices he made to heal this country at a time of division, I pledge to spend 2007 working towards a similar depolarization – by cooperating with peers from opposing camps, by putting my countrymen’s needs before my party’s, and by making sacrifices if necessary. We stand stronger when united, and I pledge to lead my country by good example, just as I have been led by Gerald Ford’s good example. I pledge to spend 2007 working towards that strong unity, and I dedicate that work to Gerald Ford’s memory."
As is made clear in the rest of the article, the "tremendous sacrifice" was Ford's pardon of Nixon. Yep, we're deep in vital center, big government, "Ford preserved the public's trust in the state by concealing the crimes of its officials and thank God he did" territory here.

Fortunately, this will almost certainly die at the pretty platitudes stage, for which we should be grateful. Each party is damaging enough when it is alone, and partially opposed by the other party; the sort of unity proposed here would be a nightmare for any lover of liberty.

Hat tip: Hit and Run.

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