Wednesday, July 12, 2006

And so it begins...

Hello, and welcome to The Superfluous Man. The blog is named after a newspaper column I did in college, which was in turn named after one of my favorite books Albert Jay Nock's Memoirs of A Superfluous Man. The blog will be mostly about politics (I'm a libertarian, on the disreputable anarchocapitalist lunatic fringe) but with some fun stuff too, centering on my various nerdly interests- science fiction, bad movies, fine liquors, cheap liquors, video games, weird news and so on and so forth. Stick around.

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1 comment:

Obbop said...


The Student Revolutionary Strike Force is responsoble for the first comment to the first post on the bloke's blog.

Pert' near brings a tear to Obbop, the (in)famous National Master-at-Arms of the illustrious SRSF.

Fight for thine freedoms ye few Americans who really care about more than what is on sale at the mall or what sports team is playing this weekend.

Never forget the federal government is a greater threat to thine freedom than all foreign terrorists combined.