Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy New Year to everybody!

Happy New Year!

The Superfluous Man is not a terribly cheerful blog, generally, so I wanted to start this year off on a positive note by thanking some people who have helped this blog in one way or another. Some names have been truncated to protect the innocent:

My friends JT, Kevin, Dave, Peter, Lecester, Cheryl Cline, and Catherine.

Pete Eyre, Jeremy Sapienza, James Wilson, and Jim Babka.

Midnight and Toshi.

All of my other friends, who know who they are.

My family.

Mark, Dr. B, and the other Kevin.

T and F.

People online who have helped me in one way or another: Jacob, Danny, Jim, Daran, TB, Alfonso, Keisha, and everybody else.

Everyone who's linked to this site.

Unattainable Bar Chick, for her unfailing friendliness, kindness, waitressing and bartending professionalism, willingness to laugh at my stupid jokes, and Lisa Loeb/Velma Dinkley-esque hotness. You were always far nicer to me than you had to be, or than I had any right to expect. I always knew that I would never tell you how I felt, but you made me wish I could have. Thank you, and best of luck with everything.

And, of course, everyone who takes the time to read The Superfluous Man; hopefully doing so has been worthwhile for you. I tend to be pretty useless trying to express myself when I'm face-to-face with people unless it's with folks I already know well, so being able to do so by writing online is very precious to me, and so is knowing that someone is actually reading it. Thanks. I hope you'll keep coming back in 2012!

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