Friday, May 15, 2009

Motorhome Diaries crew arrested in Mississippi

Learned via Facebook: The Motorhome Diaries crew- Jason Talley, Pete Eyre, and Adam Mueller- were arrested in Jones County, Mississippi for filming a police officer who had stopped them. Talley was apparently choked and pepper sprayed. Eyre was charged with possession of beer in a dry county, Mueller with disorderly conduct and disobeying an officer, and Talley with disorderly conduct, disobeying an officer, and resisting arrest. They are currently out on bail.

Hopefully the attention this has been getting online will do some good. For more info, check out Free Keene and Fr33 Agents. In addition, Talley, Eyre, and Mueller will be on Free Talk Live tonight at 7 PM Eastern time to talk about what happened.

“Disorderly conduct,” disobeying an officer,” and “resisting arrest” are all-purpose charges for anyone the police are pissed off at, and generally mean whatever the hell the police want them to mean. Please help spread the word on this if you can. You can not only help prevent an injustice from being done, but help drag the way law American enforcement all-too-frequently acts into the light of day.

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Anonymous said...

John, thanks for helping to get the word out about this incident. We're fortunate that you and others have helped focus a spotlight on the Jones Co. Sheriff's Dept. We'll do our best to make sure those rights-usurping officers are held accountable.