Thursday, August 21, 2008

New article at

It's been a while since I've had something there, but I've got a new article up at I hope you like it.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the latest articles at LRC, I have to say that it bears out one thing: History is written by the victors and wishful-thinkers. Hitler became the "scapegoat" for global socialism-- despite that he represented the global majority of the era, i.e. Marxist-statism; as a result, the millions killed under Hitler's administration were publicly decried, but also isolated; meanwhile the tens-to-hundreds of millions killed under Lenin, Stalin, Tojo, Mao, Pol Pot, and other dictators were completely ignored and swept under the proverbial "rug" of the global pro-socialist media-- including those who favored the FDR-Truman administrations. Socialist statism, they held, wasn't to blame for murdwer-- only HITLER was to blame, and Nuremberg somehow "proved" it (rather than simply proving the law of ("vae victus").
Today, Holocaust museums uphold this belief, serving to lament a single dictator rather than learning from the political debacles inseparable from such beliefs, that represented the global majority; this was witnessed by the recent deliberate genocide in Rwanda by the majority of the population-- not simply pro-segregation, as under Hitler (while the actual crimes were carried out by a small elite group); however, the Rwandan atrocity scarcely registered a raised eyebrow in the global community.
The hypocrisy is telling, i.e. that selective outrage is alive and well among world attitudes.

-Brian McCandliss