Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ron Paul is a stupidhead and his mom dresses him funny!

My middle name is "Drew," and for most of my childhood that's what everyone called me. (And before you become the quadrillionth person to ask: No, it's not short for Andrew.) I'm still called this within my family to prevent confusion, due to the fact that almost every male in my mother's family since the time of the Sumerians has been named "John." I finally switched to using my first name outside the family in high school, because I didn't feel like explaining to 8 different teachers why I went by my middle name.

Anyway, early in elementary school, some budding young wag realized that "Drew" rhymes with "poo." So, for a period of several months, a bunch of the kids called me that. Much mirth ensued.

I bring this up because, after reading Michael Goldfarb's recent post at the Weekly Standard's blog about Ron Paul (Hat tip to the Lewrockwell.com Blog), I find myself longing for the subtle wit of second graders chanting a childish slang term for excrement. ("New Right" actually means "Jew Right?" Brilliant! In your face, Senator Taft!) It had a degree of class, subtlety, and insight that most modern neocons can only dream of reaching.

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