Wednesday, April 09, 2008

New article at

I’m happy to say that my first article at is now up. I’ve been reading the site since its inception, so this is quite satisfying for me. Hope you like it.

(I just looked it up and realized has been around for 12 years. God, do I suddenly feel old. And sleepy. And slightly gassy. But mostly old.)

For any readers visiting this blog, welcome! I’ve put together a collection of some of my favorite past posts for anyone who’s interested. I also maintain a blog about science fiction and related topics, if that interests you. Here are some previous posts about:

The Illinois public smoking ban and its proponents

Musings on the nature of neoconservatism

The depressing decline of Thomas Sowell, here and here

The failure of torture supporters to understand the meaning of basic ethical terms

The destructive nature of the “vital center”, here and here

The psychology of nations at war

The sheer pettiness of the modern statist

The complicity of the Left in the growth of plutocracy

The encroachments and apologists of the Nanny State, here and here

Or, you can just read about the bizarre minutiae of my life here, here, here, and here.

Hope you’ll stick around a while.

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1 comment:

charlie ehlen said...

Mr. Markley,
Sir, your article at today is the first of anything that you have written that I have read.
I salute your work sir!
I was a Marine and served a tour in Vietnam, 1970-71. I agree with your assesment of the Shrubbie and his "gee whiz" attitude toward war. Of course, you have to remember where he spent Vietnam. In the Texas Air Guard and of course the bars of New Orleans as he mentioned after his "tour" of that fair city after Miss Katrina paid our state a visit.
Remember also, his "gung-ho" for wars anywhere, any time, Dead eye Dick got himself 5 deferments during Vietnam. He had "other priorities". So did I and all of the Marines I served with, we called it staying alive.
To such "brave" and "fearless" "real men" as those two, war IS an adventure to be jealous of. Unless they would actually have to go to war themselves. If that were to happen, I imagine them both crying like babies and begging for mommy to "save" them and send one of those foul "working class" kids instead.
Yes sir, I am goddamn pissed off at the absolute stupidity of his comments. Good thing he isn't in the war. His own troops might just help him to get back home soon. And it would not be in a way most of us would like to return.
Just my 2 cents worth.
semper fi,

p.s. feel free to stop by my little corner any time. It is loccated at;
I have bookmarked this blog of yours.