Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hard at work to keep you safe

From Hit and Run comes an interesting tidbit I had never heard before: in New Mexico and four other states, it is illegal to call yourself an "interior designer" without a state license. You can practice interior design, you just can't tell anyone else that you do.

Actually, despite the fact that this is a clear violation of free speech, and despite the fact that this allows existing state-privileged interior designers to monopolize the market at the expense of the consumer, I'm in favor of this. My Uncle Bob was killed when an improperly placed curtain exploded, so I recognize the pressing public need for this sort of licensing.

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1 comment:

Obbop said...

The Student Revolutionary Strike Force extends its sincerest condolences regarding your uncle.

Those explosive curtains ARE extremely dangerous and should never be installed or handled by amateurs.