Sex, Gender, and Abuse Issues

This is an archive of the various posts concerning rape, child abuse, gender norms, and related issues that I've written at The Superfluous Man. They have a particular focus on sexual crimes committed against men and boys and our society's attitudes about them, but cover some other topics as well.

I have compiled them here for three principal reasons:

1. For the convenience of anyone who likes my work on this issue and would like to be able to find or refer to it all quickly

2. For readers who are here primarily for my writing on libertarianism, but have had their interest in this issue piqued by one of these posts and would like to read more about it

3. For readers who came here because of one of my posts on these issues, through a web search or a link from a site such as Male Survivor, and would like to see my other writing on the subject without needing to search through years worth of other posts on unrelated subjects.

They are listed here in chronological order.
Cheerleading for Rapists (July 12, 2008) Comments on the reprehensible treatment of rape survivor James Landrith when he spoke openly about being raped by a woman when he was a young man, and some thoughts on treatment of male survivors more generally.

Like Maggots to Carrion (October 27, 2009) A post I wrote about the arrest of Roman Polanski, with some more general relevance to the subject of how tribalism can lead people to look the other way in the face of heinous crimes.

A Contribution to the Cannons of Journalism (March 23, 2010) Comments on a grossly tasteless news headline about a man who was raped and tortured, and the attitudes it reflects.

Feminist rape culture, Part 1 (April 5th, 2010) How some forms of feminist ideology can be used to attack victims of sexual violence and abuse, and defend its perpetrators.

Feminist rape culture, Part 2 (May 23, 2010) Continuation of Part 1. Has more on the overlap between common feminist and traditionalist attitudes towards male victims.

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